How To Use Vehicle Tag
Vehicle Tag
Vehicle Tag
Registered vehicle owners of the licensed vehicles or their authorized persons can apply for the "Vehicle Tag".
The first "Vehicle Tag" of a licensed vehicle is free of charge. No administrative fees are required for the "HKeToll" service.
Step 1: Application for “Vehicle Tag”
The “Vehicle Tag” can be applied through one of the following ways. After the application is completed, the “Vehicle Tag” will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner’s correspondence address, registered at the Transport Department.

If you have already chosen to apply for a "Vehicle Tag" when renewing your vehicle license at the Transport Department, the toll service provider will mail the "Vehicle Tag" directly to the registered vehicle owner's address, registered at Transport Department. No additional application is required.

Information Required For Application:
  1. Name and e-Contact of the registered vehicle owner
Online Application
Complete the application via HKeToll website or Mobile App.
Written Application
Written Application
Submit the application by post, fax or email.

You can download the "HKeToll Service Application Form" from the resource center of the website or obtain it at the HKeToll Customer Service Centres. After completing and signing the application, please submit the required documents by mail, fax or email.
In-Person Application
In-Person Application
Go to the designated customer service locations of the toll service provider for application.
The first “Vehicle Tag” of every licensed vehicle is free of charge.
The prescribed fee for the second or any subsequent “Vehicle Tag” would be HK$51.
Step 2: Sign Up an Account
After the application of Vehicle Tag, Vehicle Owners can sign up an “HKeToll” Account via “HKeToll” website or Mobile App.
Step 3: Add Vehicle
Select “Add Vehicle” in your “HKeToll” Account, and then input the Vehicle Registration Mark. A confirmation message will be sent to the registered vehicle owner’s e-Contact (Email Address or Mobile Number), registered at the Transport Department. After confirmation by the owner, the vehicle will be added to the “HKeToll” Account.
Step 4: Select the Payment Means
Select "Set up Auto Payment " in HKeToll account, and choose to use Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Designated Stored Value Account.
When a vehicle with a "Vehicle Tag" passes through a toll tunnel, the tunnel toll will be automatically deducted from the selected payment method.
Motorists can check the tunnel usage records and payment status through "HKeToll" Mobile App, website, Customer Service Centres or Service Outlets.
This service offers various options of payment means, including:
  • Bank Account*
  • Credit Card*
  • Designated Stored Value Account (DSVA)*
  • Stored Value Facilities (SVF)
  • Faster Payment System (FPS)
*Available to paying tunnel tolls by auto payment means, the services are subject to relevant terms and conditions.
ePayment Means
autotoll etc
vgo pay
union pay
wechatpay hk
alipay hk
Pay in Cash
Customer Service CentresService Outlets
Step 5: Vehicle Tag Installation
After receiving the "Vehicle Tag", please follow the installation guide to affix the "Vehicle Tag" at the recommended installation position of the vehicle. "Vehicle Tag" requires no power and is easy to install.
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