How to Sign Up
After the application of “Vehicle Tag”, please sign up an HKeToll account via HKeToll website or Mobile App. There are 3 types of “HKeToll” account.
After using the Government tolled tunnels where the HKeToll has been implemented, the registered vehicle owners, who have not yet signed up for an HKeToll account, should visit the "HKeToll" website or "HKeToll" mobile app by selecting "Pay Toll (without HKeToll Account)" for checking the outstanding toll balance of their respective vehicles that has been incurred at the time and completing the toll payment within 14 business days after passing through the Government tolled tunnels each time.
Typical Owner Account
Suitable for the following vehicle owners
  • Typical Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle (Tunnel tolls paid by vehicle owner)
Commercial Vehicle Company Account (For splitting tunnel tolls)
Suitable for commercial vehicle owners who will split toll payments with commercial vehicle drivers
  • Please sign up a “Typical Owner Account” if you have commercial vehicles and drivers are not required to pay tunnel tolls.
  • You can only add commercial vehicles to this type of account, such as taxis, minibuses, buses and goods vehicles, etc.
Commercial Vehicle Driver Account (For splitting tunnel tolls)
Suitable for the commercial vehicle drivers who pay tunnel tolls on their own
  • Commercial Vehicles includes taxis, minibuses, buses and goods vehicles, etc.
  • After the sign up of this account type, you may directly pay tunnel tolls by using “HKeToll” Mobile App when you drive the commercial vehicle for work.