How To Use Class Tag
Class Tag
Class Tag
To meet the needs of individual motorists, vehicle owners can choose to use "Class Tag". "Class Tag" is classified by vehicle types and has the stored value function. There are 9 vehicle types of “Class Tag” at the moment.
Vehicle owners can purchase “Class Tag” via “HKeToll” Customer Service Centres, Service Outlets. The “Class Tag” will be provided with an Account Card (PIN card). Motorists can activate the “Class Tag”, top up stored value and check the ransaction records with the Account Card.
*Please keep the Accont Card properly. It is required to present the Account Card, if the user want to cancel the Class Tag and withdraw the remaining stored value in the account.
Purchase Class Tag
"Class Tag" may purchase at the designated Customer Service Centre, Service Outlet.
Each Class Tag costs HK$38 and has the stored-value function. Motorists can purchase them by vehicle class.
Motor Cycle and
Motor Tricycle,
Private car, Taxi,
Public light bus,
Private light bus and
Light goods vehicle
Medium goods vehicle,
Heavy goods vehicles,
Public Bus (single-decked) and
Private Bus (single-decked),
Public Bus (Double-decked) and
Private Bus (Double-decked)
Retail Price
(Included Basic Stored Value: HK$62)
(Included Basic Stored Value: HK$162)
Class Tag Activation
Please activate the "Class Tag" through the "HKeToll" website or mobile app before using it.
Top-up Means
Motorist can top up the "Class Tag" at HKetoll Service Centre, Service Outlet or 7-11 Convenience Store.

Please ensure that there is enough balance for the “Class Tag” to settle the tunnel toll, and add value in time.

Users can log in to HKeToll account to view the tunnel usage and toll payment records.
*Please note that electronic payment means top-up or automatic top-up is not applicable to "Class Tag".
customer service centres, service outlets and vending machines for Class Tag
Customer Service Centres、Service Outlets
Class Tag Installation
After completing the above steps, please affix the “Class Tag” to the recommended installation position of the vehicle according to the installation guide.
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